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Altruistic Company is creating innovate solutions with products that will last the test of time.  We are bringing our customers superior quality ingredients,  which you can trust are unquestionably safe.  Products that make you feel like your skin just should; Naturally Beautiful!


To promote straightforward nourishment for your skin and hair. Health care in beauty products that make your skin look fantastic. Products that eliminate toxins, harmful chemicals and carcinogens in hopes to prevent cancer and diseases or generations to come.


Altruism essentially means selflessness or the principle or practice of the concern for the welfare of others.  We are a Canadian based business, importing local and international products that fit our philosophy.



Originally Altruistic concept started due to cancer in my family with my mother, father and sister.  Realization occurred that healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle will not be sufficient in defeating cancer and or diseases in our bodies; the skin is the largest organ of the body and is the most absorbent. The face is 60% more absorbent than anywhere else. As I hope that there will be a cure one day, we would like to provide uncompromising commitment to help one person at a time with nourishment in skin and hair care that can prevent this epidemic while looking beautiful!